A new year is coming. Another rabbit year is coming. Thus come another cycle of people’s life. I will be 24 this year. 24 is a good number, as is other numbers.

Happy Chinese New Year to everybody! Especially those burn in the year of the rabbit! God Bless.

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Career and FYP

Career and FYP. FYP here is Finding Your Partner. Not the other FYP that we all hated and left behind.

I believe there are some sort of similarities between the two. Aside from the fact that these two things top my list of struggles, there are certain keypoints that I’d like to share that would be useful.

Both I believe, begins with YOU yourself. It’s about looking inside, and not looking out. In career, you have to look inside, to find out what’s your strength, what’s your interest, what’s your weakness, what’s your passion and what you’re capable of (not just what you THINK you are capable of). Once you find it, you can find a job that can best fit your character. The right job will come on its own. As you grow with the job you’re doing, you might realize that the job is no longer suitable for you. Maybe it’s the time where you switch to another job, or maybe go up the ladder and switch to another role (e.g, from an Engineer to a Management).

It’s the same with FYP. It’s really not about finding the one you like and returns your feeling. It’s about finding yourself, your identity, maximizing your potential, finding your place, and the right one would come on its own. Some may argue however, that we need effort. I agree with this. However my point is that, the main focus is all about finding your true calling, before trying to find your other half.

Before thinking of looking for a partner, ask yourself a question, “Am I ready?”. This is of course one of the most cliche question that everyone knows about. But think again, how deep have you ponder about this question? And have you really understand what it means? I believe it’s not about being ready financially, or biologically, or legally. It goes deeper than that. Ask this questions:

– Are you unsatisfied with what you have now? Putting aside your relationship status.
– Do you still want to explore extreme ideas? Like going to different countries, trying out different jobs, trying out different hobbies and lifestyle?
– Do you feel like spending most of your money on your own needs or wants?
– Do you feel that you need love and attention, more than you’re able to give?
– Are you still confused and not sure about what you want to be, where you want to live when you grow older, what kind of family you want to make?
– Are you still constantly searching for what values to believe in?

The list goes on and on. But if you answer “yes” to any of those questions, I’d say maybe you’re not yet “ready”. Well of course I don’t guarantee that the relationship you made under those conditions will not last, it could. But it’s definitely more of a gamble. Think of it, why does a lot of relationships that started during high school or university ended once they graduated? I believe one of the reason is that at this stage, people are still at the stage of finding their own identity, and once that identity changes, what used to be right fit might not fit anymore.

For you who have relationships that last from school days to marriage, consider yourself lucky. You might be the kind of people who can find who they are early since their school days, or the two of you really can grow together at the same direction and at the same pace.

With that, being “ready” or “mapan” is really a mindset.


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I’m back!

Hi all,

My last post was October 2008. Such a long time indeed. 2 years 3 months to be exact. A lot of things have happened. I’m not sure if I can continue blogging, or even if anyone still visits my blog. But I remember that once, this blog was a place I can let my heart out, to record the lesson learnt from life, and to let people watch me (when you know you’re being watched, you tend to do things more  carefully, to make sure it’s right – so it could be a good thing).

Anyway, looking back, reflecting on my past 2 years away from my blog, I realized that I’ve been away from communities in general. And I believe this 2 years would always be an important part of my life.

The years I was struggling with a signifcant sin.
The years I was struggling with low self-esteem, low confidence level.
The years I spent looking for what my calling is, and where God’s leading me.
The years spent away from family, friends, and loved ones.
The years I learned what love is, and what losing one means.
The years I learned of humility, that you’re nothing if not for God’s grace.
The years I learned of forgiveness, especially to those who hurt me.
The years I learned of hope. That despite all the turmoil and problems in your life, hope would always be there.

And I know looking forward, it doesn’t stops here. Problems and questions and struggles would always be part of our life. One thing to remember is that God’s love would never change. And He would be the one leading in front of us. All we need to do is to follow Him step by step, and never let His hand go.

God Bless, and I hope I can share more things in the future =)

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Making ends meet

If the place is good, then I will survive.

If God’s supports, then I will succeed.

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Hug her like you always do

Stay by her side no matter what

She needs someone to comfort her

She needs someone to love her

and that person is not me…

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Talking about emotions and logic, especially in relationships between guys and girls, the term I usually understand is that

“… emotion will poison your logic …”

as a thing to watch out…

But today during a chat, another term is discussed which is

“… watch out when logic will poison your emotion…”

and I feel it’s quite true. I tend to forget the 2nd one and focus one the 1st one. Actually the truth is that both emotion and logic are there to balance each other out. 

So watch out, sometimes your emotion is not the one to blame and watch out for what might be the poison to your decisions.

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Ucapan Terima Kasih 01

“Terima kasih buat mama yang sudah melahirkan aku 20 tahun yang lalu, dan sudah susah payah menanggung sejak 9 bulan sebelumnya.

Terima kasih juga buat papa yang sudah memberikan benih dan merawat aku sampai aku tumbuh besar seperti sekarang ini.

Terima kasih, I’m really grateful” – adapted from an sms.

It was actually the time when the name “wise protector” is given to a certain person, which is then passed on to the name of this blog.

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